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All motorbikes have associated and stereotype, an image sometimes real sometimes as result of a great marketing campaign.

Adjusting a Spanish proverb, we sould say something like:
Tell me what your dreams are and I’ll tell you what motorbike you have.

  • If you dream about Route 66, you probably have a custom bike
  • If you dream about MotoGP circuits, you probably have a sport bike.
  • If you dream about trips and adventures, I’m pretty sure you have a travel enduros bike.

New trend

One of the most sold motorbikes in Spain in 2014 was the BMW R 1200 GS (with 1267 units), which indicates that during past years the market has moved to clients that prefer motorbikes that liable for travelling.

Going back to stereotypes; I do also have a trail and travelling dreams. In my particular case the curiosity for travelling on motorbike started with a Triumph Tiger 800 and that first tour outside Spain.

Since that very moment, something arose on me that most of you have experienced: A persistent dream for discovering new destinies and events.

Although the truth is that is not always easy to reach those dreams.

Dreams use to find in reality their worst enemy

Attending family or working duties, having enough leave days needed for getting away or enough economic resources; imply that in many occasions we have to resign and live our dreams trough other ones’ travels.

Ride to Roots 2015

But there are some times (and just some) that an unexpected starts alignment happens and the opportunity of doing something different shows up. So, after trying without any success last year, in a couple of days I’ll be in the Ride to Roots Meeting 2015.

Ride to Roots logo

Ride to Roots is an encounter for riders and travellers that takes place annually in Erg Chebby, in the south of Morocco. Its spirit is to bring closer Africa’s reality and enjoy desert’s charms, some of them often hidden.

Could it be for the chosen spot; or because of the dates (where most of us is gathering around a table full of food with the family); or because of the idea of doing something special to finish the year but in a bunch of ours I’ll be heading out to the south.



My own custom vinyls


R2RM15 - Rule 1: Respect the distance

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