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Digital cameras, actionCams, trackers, smarphones and even lately, remote controlled drones. What is clear is that traveling on a motorbike nowadays is not only to put some clothes into a bag, to pour some fuel and getting lost in any road.

In the 21st century we are in a way technology slaves. Besides security and navigation assistance aspects, we try to capture every moment, to immortalize every trip anecdotes, and even to share our emotions in real time through social networks as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
Whether we want to or not, we are that we could call “bikers 3.0


We could ask ourselves when did this started. When those motorbikers without a GPS, with their reflex cameras and a couple of 24/36 film rolls and without a smartphone with a stronger technology than the one used in the first Space flight, started becoming in nowadays bikers.

It seems like a small snowball falling down a hillside in a non-stop growing without any control.

Nowadays our Pc´s or laptops accumulate thousands of files in only a couple of months. But what if a certain day that computer stops working? Would you be prepared for losing all that memories, all that pictures and videos? That trip to the Alps, that Moto GP grand prix video, that motorbike meeting, or any other memory of your past as a biker.


Besides being a geek and having seen this kind of situation sometimes, both Company and domestic level, I had never been in that circumstance till a couple of weeks ago I was about to be myself in it.

If things can happen, they will happen sooner or later.

I don´t remember if it was a sunny day, it was Friday the 13th or if something unusual had happened, but one day my laptop passed away and I was about losing all the pictures and videos of all my trips and even all the OtroEnMoto paperwork.

In that moment a cooling sweat was rolling along my whole body, and the only thing I was hoping was that backup copy I had somewhere at home in a small hard disk (you also have one, don´t you?) wasn’t too much out of date, and above everything, it could be restored without any problem (it´s something that you have never tried to see if it works, until you need).

In that moment is when you remember all that safe measures you didn´t take, remember the Murphy´s laws, the moments when you learn there are Data Recovering Companies that charge 600€ for recovering your damaged hard disk, and you promise yourself that if you get out of this without losing everything, you´ll walk along the right path.


Finally I was lucky and that situation didn´t end in such a tragedy, buy I could learn of it and searched any way of keeping safe all that memories in case of a failure or disaster.

I bought a device named NAS, and a couple of 3TB hard disks. This device allows for an easy configuration called RAID-1, that records the same information in both hard disks in an automatic way, so if there is a physical breaking of one of them, you can always take for granted your data on the other one.

With this storage system and a software that lets you make back-up copies in an automatic way, your calm is assured so you won´t lose your highly regarded memories.

If you are even more obsessive, you can also make a third copy of your data using a storage system in the Cloud (you´ll have to pay from a certain capacity) like the ones that Google Drive, Amazon or other similar providers offer.If you are even more obsessive, you can also make a third copy of your data using a storage system in the Cloud (you´ll have to pay from a certain capacity) like the ones that Google Drive, Amazon or other similar providers offer.

icloud providers.

These systems default configuration are pretty easy and you won´t need any specific knowledge to start working with them and keep safe all your data in the event of any failure.


You can leave out everything I´ve told you in this post if you don’t have a digital camera, a smartphone or even if you love risks. It doesn’t expect to be taken as a norm, but an advice and just in case it can avoid some upset in the future

I hope this has been useful to you, and if so, please help other sharing it;)


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