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Do you know if you can take a dog on a motorcycle? The answer is yes, but with certain conditions. If you also share your day to day with a dog and have ever thought about uploading it to your motorcycle, read this post so you know how you can transport your dog on a motorcycle within the law.


Most of my life I have had dogs, large, small, breed or mixed breed. I am one of those who enjoy the company, the affection they give and the loyalty of these animals. Since I was a kid I have always heard that popular phrase that “dogs are man’s best friend”.

When I started thinking about writing this post, I have looked for the origin of that phrase and the truth has surprised me.

Although I believed that it was referring to the idea of coexistence of animals and humans since these animals were domesticated; the phrase originates from a trial in the United States pronounced by attorney George Graham Vest.

This trial was held on September 23, 1870. The death of a greyhound named “Old Drum” was judged at the hands of Charles Burden’s neighbor.

Leonidas Hornsby, the neighbor, killed the dog, claiming that it was in self-defense, but Burden discovered that it was not and reported it.

During the trial, attorney George Graham Vest uttered the celebrated phrase in a speech that left everyone excited. Burden won the trial and Hornsby paid a $550 fine.

Since then, that phrase has remained within popular culture.

Dogs are an active part of many people’s lives today. We share leisure time with them, we give them all the cares (sometimes even somehow excessive). There is a growing trend of dog-friendly places and there is even tourism for pets.


The truth is that although they are man’s best friends, I don’t know if they will agree very much with our idea of ​​riding on motorcycles. This occurrence must respond to two different motivations:

  • A need to transport the dog
  • Our eccentricity

If you want to ride a dog on a motorcycle, you should know that the traffic regulations allow us to transport them, although it does not specify the way in which we have to do it.

Applying the rules that have been defined to transport dogs in cars, we must ensure that they are properly restrained so that they do not suffer or cause any accident.

In addition to this basic rule, we can choose between several ways to take our dog on a motorcycle:

  • Deposit bag. Using the same backpack that we use to carry luggage; we can transport our dog inside as long as it is a small dog that does not weigh more than 8 kilos.
  • Special backpack to transport dogs on a motorcycle. In the market there are several brands that have developed these backpacks for the transport of pets that do not exceed 12 kilos in weight. They have ventilation systems and can be valid to also transport cats or other types of pets. Depending on the type of motorcycle or scooter, you can carry it on your back or between your legs.
  • Carrier. This transport system allows you to carry dogs larger than 12 kilos and is more recommended since they go on the motorcycle chassis. They can be mounted on a rack similar to the one used to mount a top-case and, as in the case of the backpack, they also have a ventilation system. Remember that you will have to be in shape to get on and off your dog; and be aware of possible strange movements that the animal can make while driving.
  • Sidecar. If your motorcycle allows it and you want to transport a dog on a motorcycle whose weight exceeds 12 kilos, this may be the most comfortable way you can find. Although for this option, you will have to have a significant financial outlay, since they are not cheap.


After reviewing these four ways of driving a dog on a motorcycle, and as the owner of one; I don’t think I will use any of them with Bobber.

It is true that my dog ​​weighs more than 12 kilos and that the motorcycle deposit bags or the special backpack for transporting dogs do not work; but I also think that the experience can be quite traumatic for the animal. So, in the case of having to transport my dog, I will look for other types of options.

I hope you found this post entertaining and that you continue to be “the best friend for your dog”.

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