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Did you know that in Spain there is a company that develops vegan motorcycle
I am almost sure you did not, so I will tell you about it.

I´m going to start by briefly explaining the difference between veganism and to be a

Veganism and being vegan

Veganism can be defined in multiple ways depending on who does it. Some will
identify it as a philosophy, others take it as an ideology or categorised it as a simple
lifestyle. There are even detractors who think that it is just a kind of sect.

As you may have already realized, veganism has many meanings, but all of them come
together in the attitude of those who follow this concept: abstain from the use of
products and services that have an animal origin; whether for food, clothing,
medicines or cosmetics products, means of transport, experiments, help at work or
even entertainment (except for domestic pets).

Those who follow the principles and ideas of veganism are called vegans.

Regarding food, vegan people do not eat meat of any kind (pork, cow, lamb, fish,
chicken, etc.) and do not consume eggs, dairy or honey either. As for clothing, a vegan
will definitely not wear clothes of animal origin.

At this point is when we are going to jump into something that will sound familiar to
you as a biker, leather jackets and leather motorcycle suits. These garments are widely
used by many of us for the characteristics that leather provides to protect against falls.
But, if you are vegan, would you use a leather jacket or jumpsuit to ride a motorcycle?

In order to satisfy this market demand, a company that develops motorcycle clothing
replacing the animal skin with innovative synthetic fabrics and 100% vegan emerges.
The company we are talking about is called Andrómeda and is located in Álava.

Andrómeda, Vegan motorcycle clothing

Vegan motorcycle clothing

They have identified this business opportunity and also a form of commitment to
animal welfare, ensuring that none of their products contain materials of animal origin,
that is, they are 100% vegan.

For their products they incorporate high resistance materials such as Superfabric,
Kevlar and others materials used in the aerospace sector; with which they ensure
maximum protection.

Well, now you already know that this option of motorcycle clothing is available if you
are a vegan biker.


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