Motorcycle route through La Tramuntana and Sa Calobra

Join me on a motorcycle roadtrip through the Tramuntana and Sa Calobra, without a doubt a perfect plan to get away for a few days and ride a motorcycle around Mallorca.

Just a month ago I posted what I was doing on a motorcycle around the island of Mallorca. Since then, due to the situation we are experiencing because of the COVID-19 crisis (or more popularly called coronavirus), I am having more time to start editing all that video material that I am accumulating trip after trip.

Since the health authorities recommend staying at home and reduce social life as much as possible, I have decided to see the positive side of this eventual situation and unblock the list of motorcycle travel videos that I have yet to publish.

Today’s video was recorded traveling by motorcycle from Madrid to Mallorca. The purpose was to continue completing my participation in the ToroEnMoto Challenge, visiting the figure of the Osborne de Algaida bull. But since I was there, I could not miss the opportunity to do the motorcycle route through the Tramuntana and Sa Calobra, visiting such impressive areas as the Formentor Lighthouse or Soller.

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