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Eloyete Brasil (Eloy Lascasta) and Lucía Galvao, began in June 2018 a journey that
would take them to travel around 40 countries on a motorcycle trip.
Eloyote's trip, in the company of his wife, ended coinciding with the celebration of the
BMW Motorday 2019, when they arrived at the event itself mid-afternoon on Saturday.
Eloyete Brasil
Now that Eloy has already returned to his usual life and as his memories settle down, he kindly offered himself to answer the usual questionnaire in this Overlanders section. These are his answers:

  1. Full name or nickname by which you are known. My full name is Eloy Lacasta although my nickname is “Eloyete” which is how an uncle of mine used to call me.
  2. What do you do? What is your profession or career? I am a business man and entrepreneur. I have always dedicated myself to putting business ideas into practice, which has even led me to live in Brazil for more than 12 years.
  3. How did your love of motorcycles come to you? Since I can remember I have always liked motorcycles. Like many children, I was one of those who always turned my head when listening to the noise of a motorcycle (and I still do it).
  4. What does riding a motorcycle mean to you? For me riding a motorcycle means enjoying life as it allows me to do something else that I really love: traveling.
  5. What was your first trip, your motivation and with which motorcycle did you do it? My first motorcycle trip was through the Pyrenees with my first motorbike, a Montesa H6 of 75 c.c. with my girlfriend at that time and 16 years old. My brother had to come to pick me up with a Land Rover because the motorcycle was seized up.
  6. What have been your next trips? What bikes did you make them with?When I was 20 years old, I travelled with a Suzuki DR 600 Djebel around almost every country of Europe with one of my best friends. I liked it so much that two years later I repeated almost the same route but with a Honda CBR 1000 F.

    By then, I already managed to buy my first complete motorcycle suit, before that I simply travelled with jeans and sneakers. After this first amazing trip, I have not been able to stop. Then I have visited the North Cape twice, parts of Africa such as Morocco, Kenya and Tanzania. I have recently completed my great dream of going around the world with my wife and my GS 1200 ADV in a journey of 34 countries in 16 months and 65,000 km.

  7. Which are your upcoming plans? Well, I spend a lot of time looking at the world map and I see gaps in Africa and South America. It will be necessary to cover them by motorcycle for sure.
  8. What would you be most proud of as a motorcyclist? And why? Traveling around the world. The truth is that I never thought I could do it until life suddenly gave me the opportunity and I found the moment in my life to do it. I didn’t think about it twice and just left with almost no preparation, grabbed the suitcases and went ahead.
  9. In the case of having videos of your trips, what would be your 6 favourite videos? I am starting to edit them; I promise to finish and share them with everyone.
  10. Where can I get more information? I do not have a website or YouTube channel, I am quite lazy for these things. The only thing I have is my Facebook: eloyete brasil


Eloyote Brasil viaje

Eloyote Brasil y Charly Sinewan


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