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Beneath the edge of last August´s weekend (psychological border before going back to the routine September always involves); and after reading an article I found in a blog called Moteando, I’ve taken the opportunity to relocate my base camp to a small town called Gargantilla del Lozoya (in the middle of the valley created by the subsequent river which gives it its name) framed in what is called “Madrid’s Poor mountain range area“.

Gargantilla del Lozoya – Tiermes

The route this post is about, is a circular route that goes through what are called the Red Villages (Segovia) till Montejo of Tiermes is reached (Soria) and also what are called the Black Villages (Guadalajara) in our way back.

Although Google Maps loves to give a few more laps than needed in trips when it’s used for planning our motorbike trips, you can see in the map some of the most remarkable points in the route.

  • Buitrago del Lozoya
  • Prádena del Rincón
  • La Hiruela
  • Riaza
  • Montejo de Tiermes
  • Galve de Sorbe
  • Valverde de los Arroyos
  • Campillo de Ranas

Unlike the tour I took the idea from for doing this trip, related by Luis at Moteandomine hasn’t been an off-road tour but my tour that has taken place through secondary roads, which makes it suitable whatever your “mount” is.

Take a break and enjoy the natural environment that surrounds you.

It’s been the typical motorbike tourism route that allows you to take a break and enjoy the natural environment you visit, the cracked scenery and the rockrose smell in summer.

Mills or giants

Today’s route has offered me a couple of quite pleasing surprises.

One of those appeared a little bit after crossing Cantalojas village (located in a very calm road, almost forgotten and with a slightly devious profile); once you’ve crossed that particular village and after a smoth climb, appears in front of you one of those Aeolian fields that are frequently seen along the Iberian peninsula.

The difference between this one among others I have passed by in other occasions, is that this one is almost at the edge of the road, so it’s possible to go into it easily taking a narrow trail.

Once you’re in, it’s impossible not to remember of those Don Quijote words, believing those were giants instead.

The snort of the propellers spinning and the view from the base, make this short stop definitely worthwhile.

Guadalajara Chinese Great Wall

Another surprise for those that didn’t know the area appears on the way back after leaving Campillo de Ranas (Guadalajara). It’s one of those most incredible spots you would never think that exists only an hour away from Madrid. It’s what is called “Chinese Great Wall

It’s a secondary road segment, or even I could say regional road, that takes place wriggly near Jaramilla river canyon. The track, made of riffling concrete to make it suitable during winter season, was dotted with a lot of slate spalls; which makes driving through it a small and funny adventure.

In summary, it’s been a great motorbike day, full of spectacular sceneries, calm roads, charming villages and everything that makes a motorbike tour such a singular experience.

I put down here the images gallery with some of the photos I’ve shot in today’s route.


Gargantilla del Lozoya-Tiermes (Spain)


BWM Motorrad Days 2015 at Formigal

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