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As I mention some days ago in my post “Hasta pronto Catalina“, that evening Bernardo talked me about the “La TraVespera“.

In fact that name is not a route’s name, but a sporting event that has been held for a couple of years now. Consist of completing, on top of a Vespa or Lambreta, a 230 km tour around Picos de Europa NP (Spain), including driver and passenger.

Finding the excuse

Now that the route I wanted to do was clear, I only needed to find a reason to be able to get away some days to that area.

Picos de Europa NP occupies a 67.455 hectares area, and is located in the Cantabrian Mountains, between Asturias, Leon and Cantabria provinces, therefore I thought that the reason I was looking for is try to arrange an appointment with Lolo Pámanes and order one of his customised seats.

Travelling across La TraVespera

The truth is that that morning I took it easy: it wasn’t till midday that I arrived to Cangas de Onis (Asturias), starting point of the route.

There, I was going to meet Silfredo; it was a quick one cause as by that time Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi were about to fight for the Moto GP championship and he didn’t want to miss a second of it; even so it was enough for him to give me some indications, and ask me as a kind of “proof of life”, a picture next to The Dark Bear monument.

Already on the road, I was surprised by the La TraVespera trace, which is simply spectacular. Just imagine 230 km of zigzagged curves, rocks cliffs, mountain scenaries, riding in one of its stretches near by the Sella river watercourse and going through places such as the San Glorio mountain pass.

This mountain pass, needs a little bit of marketing.

With this sentence, I’m referring at the mountain pass that demarcates Cantabria and Leon provinces. It’s marvellous but same as in other cases, we don’t know how to sell well things we have relatively close to us.

With a handful of curves, a perfectly asphalted roadway and an incredible natural environment make San Glorio mountain pass one of my favourites to ride.

It’s not extremely long, does not have an exotic name, it’s not legendary in the motorbike world, and when you get to the top, there isn’t a souvenir’s shop where you can by a sticker as a moment remembrance (as it happens in the Alps). But yet, it’s in fact one of my favourites to ride in motorbike.

The way to get to the top, gives two completely different point of views of the same mountain pass.

From one side, if you’re coming from the Leon province, the asphalt is in a very poor status, but it’s highly compensated with a scabrous and enthralling scenery.
On the other side, if you climb from Potes, the road is much more funny and safe. It has wide and linked curves in an asphalt in perfect status, and also with spectacular sceneries.

Once on the top, the Collado de Lesba viewpoint is found, and also The Dark Bear monument.

The Dark Bear monument

With the evening about to its end, I was able to get to the Collado de Lesba viewpoint. Except for a bunch of cows that occupied some parts of the roadway, there were only a couple of campervans with French plates getting prepared to overnight and myself.

At the end of the road, there’s a path that leads you to the Dark Bear monument: from where you have an exceptional view of Camaleño valley and the Picos de Europa mountains.

This was the point where I had to take a photo of myself as asked by Silfredo, so to conclude I leave it here for whoever wants to see it 😉

Travespera - The Dark Bear monument

A promise

Although the La TraVespera rules say that you have to cover the tour riding a Vespa or Lambretta motorbike, in this occasion I didn’t have other choice but to do it with “Mariona“, my BMW R1200 GSA, I promise I’ll do it someday as regulation lays down.

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