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What is micro-freedom?

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What do I do on a motorcycle in Mallorca?

In this makeshift video I tell you what I am doing on a motorcycle around Mallorca. Basically, it is related to the ToroEnMoto Challenge and with the concept that I already told you about in another video entitled What is #micro-freedom? It all started when I was told at my job that I still had …

What is micro-freedom?

For a long time, I have been talking about something strange called micro-freedom. The meaning, the value that represents for me arose in a chat with my friend Chema from Bogarti. It was talking about it, either in my publications or in one of my last talks, when the idea of ​​recording a video about …

R2RM15 – Rule 1: Respect the distance

This video was recorded during Ride To Roots 2015 (#R2RM15), held at Merzouga (Morocco), between December 28th to 31st