Saturday, April 13 2024

In this makeshift video I tell you what I am doing on a motorcycle around Mallorca.
Basically, it is related to the ToroEnMoto Challenge and with the concept that I already told you about in another video entitled What is #micro-freedom?

It all started when I was told at my job that I still had a few days of holidays available from last year and in the case of not taking them now, I would lose those days. So, I thought exactly the same thing that you are probably thinking now – No way!

One of the main variables to go on a trip was already solved: Time.

Therefore, it only remained to choose the objective. To tell you the truth, since I started
participating in the ToroEnMoto Challenge more than two years ago, I always have an objective in my head to be fulfilled. Objectives were already defined: eighty-six bulls in the Iberian Peninsula, three in the Balearic Islands, Melilla and Canary Islands; six in Mexico; one in Denmark and last but not least, one in Japan.

After traveling several thousand kilometres in search of the figures designed by Manolo Prieto, there are fewer and fewer of those objectives left to be completed by me. Before starting this roadtrip to Mallorca, there were only five pending: Mallorca, Melilla, Canary Islands, Denmark and Japan. Almost Done! To sum up, here I am in Mallorca and this video is a spark of happiness that just suddenly came out.

After recording it, I had the opportunity to continue filming around the island and get to know some of the best motorcycle routes in the Balearic Islands.

But I will tell you about that in a few days on a new post that I want to write.
Well, I leave you with the video and if you are in Madrid, I hope to see you in the talk of
“ToroEnMoto in Mexico” on February 27 at the Revival Cafe Madrid.


Vegan motorcycle clothing


Hit-Air MVL-RC airbag vest

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