Saturday, April 13 2024

For a long time, I have been talking about something strange called micro-freedom.
The meaning, the value that represents for me arose in a chat with my friend Chema from Bogarti.

It was talking about it, either in my publications or in one of my last talks, when the
idea of ​​recording a video about this concept came to my mind, to try to explain what it
is for me and how I understand it.

During the last motorcycle trips that I have made in Spain and Mexico, I took the
camera again, roll slowly trying to find a location where I could record and start
accumulating material. A couple of days ago, I decided to start editing all of it and this
is the outcome after a few days of work. This video is about what micro-freedom
means, of course, from my point of view.

Here I leave you the result, a concept that you could associate not only with the
moments of micro-freedom that you will live on your motorcycle, but also with any
moment in which you find your own space as an individual again, leaving aside
obligations, problems, the routine itself.

I hope you like it, that you feel identified with it and that you begin to enjoy all those
moments of micro-freedom that we can find in our day to day.


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